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How you can help...

* Please help spread the word! Because this is a grassroots effort, it is important that you share this website and the information it has with others in our Gem Community. There is no funding for advertising. The information needs to be shared by word of mouth and e-mail to e-mail, from the ground up, so that as many people can become aware and informed as possible. This website has been built by a concerned Gem County citizen to help the People of Gem County, all I ask is that you help share it so we can reach as many as possible before it's too late.

* Please contact our local officials:

- Gem County Commissioners:

      Bill Butticci, Bryan Elliott and Mark Rekow (commissioners@co.gem.id.us)

- Planning & Zoning Commissioners:

       through the P&Z Director Jennifer Kharrl (jkharrl@co.gem.id.us)


Let them know your concerns. They want to hear from you!