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Informative Websites Related to Natural Gas Development

Payette River Resource Council -
Local facebook page for discussion on the Gem County gas & oil ordinance process -

TEEIC - Oil and Gas Drilling/Development Impacts -

Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition - - source of news articles related to gas & oil development nation wide -

BlueDaze Drilling Reform -

Fleased - info for landowners who leased their land to gas & oil before they knew of the potential threats to land, air, water and communities -

Fracking of America -

Alta Mesa Holdings, LP - "is a privately held company engaged in onshore oil and gas acquisition, exploitation and production"

Snake River Oil and Gas -

Jetex Petroleum Inc. - The Jetex principals discovered the Willow and Hamilton Fields in Idaho in 2010. The fields were subsequently sold by Bridge Resources to AM Idaho LLC, a subsidiary of Alta Mesa Holdings, L.P.