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Information on Property Issues: Legal & Practical Impacts

Basic Description of Oil and Gas Leases -

Checklist For Negotiating An Oil And Gas Lease -

Natural Gas Lease Forms And Addendum -

Ten Oil & Gas Lease Clauses You Want -

Mineral Rights : Basic information about mineral, surface, oil and gas rights -

Drilling vs. the American Dream : Fracking impacts on property rights and home values -

Should homeowners freak out about fracking? -

Drilling Can Dig Into Land Value -

Guide To Split Estates In Oil And Gas Development -

Gas and Oil Leases as They Relate to Residential Lending -

Mortgage Company Agreements Hold Up Mineral Drilling Royalties For Some -

Unfair Share: How Oil and Gas Drillers Avoid Paying Royalties -

Tompkins group targets gas leases' effect on property values -

Site Analysis (site requirements for FHA insured mortgages) - see "Special Neighborhood Hazards and Nuisances" section -

"From the Frontlines" video at bottom of page - touches on lease agreement problems, e.g., can't get a mortgage after signing lease, royalties go to mortgaging bank, capital gains taxes, centralized impoundments -

Idaho Press-Tribune - Do You Own Your Land from Top to Bottom? -

Split Estate Information - Do you own your mineral rights? -

Split Estate documentary - Do you own your mineral rights? -

Questions to Ask a Drilling Company Before You Sign a Gas Lease -

Fleased Forum on Gas Lease Termination -

The Housing Market Impacts of Shale Gas Development -

Shale Gas Development and the Costs of Groundwater Contamination Risks -

"A Personal Story…" of property devaluation of split-estate residents -

Idaho Statesman: a complaint about seismic testing too close to a (New Plymouth) home leads to an agency warning but no violation -

How a gas well is drilled down into the ground, and what can go wrong -
 *Great slideshow* -

Oil and Gas Drilling/Development Impacts - an overview -

Distracted by Fracking? (Pt. 1) - article about hazards of "well stimulation" (acidization) in conventional drilling -