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*** Public Hearing for Gem County Oil & Gas Ordinance ***
to be held before the Board of Gem County Commissioners
Monday August 1, 2016 6:30 P.M.
Gem County Courthouse

Please come and share your concerns!
NEW Gem County Citizens Gas & Oil Draft Ordinance


This draft, based on the County's draft but incorporating protective language from time-tested and attorney-vetted ordinances in experienced oil & gas states, has been prepared by citizens for the Gem County Commissioners.

click here to view the new 2016 citizens draft

click here to view a quick comparison between the citizens submitted draft
and Gem County's draft

click here to sign the petition...

Citizens Allied for Integrity
and Accountability - C.A.I.A.


click here to view the video of this
 community gas forum...
(submitted by Gem County Concerned Citizens)
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Things are heating up in Payette County...
Sparks Fly at Heated �Bomb Train� Meeting in Idaho�s First Oil-Patch Battle - http://environews.tv/121514sparks-fly-at-heated-bomb-train-meeting-in-idahos-first-oil-patch-battle/

Sparks Fly at Heated "Bomb Train" Meeting in Idaho's First Oil-Patch Battle
(Payette County 12-04-14) -


Oil Company VP/Ex-Halliburton Fracking Lobbyist Assaults EnviroNews Chief Outside Public Meeting (Payette County 11-17-14) -
Payette County citizen Alma Hasse arrested at public hearing (Payette County 10-09-14) -
(for requesting gas & oil public information)



** A Medical Perspective on Oil and Gas Development **
October 29, 2014 by Dr. Anne C. Epstein
click here to view the PowerPoint presentation...
**Gem County Community Gas Forum**
"Natural Gas Drilling and Your Property Rights"

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click below to view the Gem County gas & oil lease map:

Would you like natural gas wells this close to your home?


Messenger Index Online Poll:
How do you feel about oil and gas exploration in Gem County?


Idaho Statute 47-317 Oil and Gas wells:
This is the section of the new state law that allows the counties to protect their People. Will our Gem County officials protect us?

(10)......recognizing the responsibility of local governments to protect the public health, safety and welfare, it is herein provided that: ......
(b)......extraction may be subject to reasonable local ordinance provisions, not repugnant to law, which protect public health, public safety, public order or which prevent harm to public infrastructure or degradation of the value, use and enjoyment of private property......


Lax Rules for the Natural Gas Industry - The natural gas industry has exemptions or exclusions from key parts of at least 7 of the 15 major federal environmental laws designed to protect air and water from radioactive and hazardous chemicals. Below are the seven laws listed in the order they were passed...

List of the Harmed - The following is an ever-growing list of the individuals and families that have been harmed by fracking (or fracked gas and oil production) in the US - Note that there are over 16,000 and growing!

Idaho Statesman : Forced leasing violates basic land owner rights -


Local facebook pages for discussion on the Gem County gas & oil ordinance process:
Citizens Allied for Integrity and Accountability

Protect Gem County Idaho
Payette River Resource Council

Concerned Citizens Gas & Oil Workshop Presentations:

01-13-2014 G&O workshop presentation by Joe Morton.pdf

01-13-2014 G&O workshop presentation by Victoria Casetta.pdf