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Amidst Accusations of Bribery, Corruption, Payette Commissioners Sign off on Natural Gas Plant -
"Amidst Accusations of Bribery, Corruption,
Payette Commissioners Sign off on Natural Gas Plant"

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Dear fellow Citizens and Neighbors and Friends,

On Thursday December 4th – 7:00 PM at the Payette County Courthouse, Payette County Board of Planning and Zoning Commissioners will hold a public hearing for the appeal of Alta Mesa’s recently permitted INDUSTRIAL HYDROCARBON PROCESSING & Railroad transfer facility located less than 1 mile from New Plymouth High School. The commissioners' decision to give final approval for this project will adversely affect everyone in the area, including but not limited to negative economic impacts for property owners, public health and safety and the right to use and enjoyment of private property. Additionally, this precedent will set a standard for any such type of gas processing facility in other areas throughout the State of Idaho.

I respectfully ask that you take the time to attend this meeting and tell Payette County Officials that Alta Mesa’s INDUSTRIAL HYDROCARBON PROCESSING & Railroad facility will not benefit the citizens of either Payette or Gem County and that their action to approve this project is unacceptable.

Thank you in advance for your voice on December 4th, and please feel free to call me if you have any questions.


Joe Morton

click here for a video and news account of the December 4th 2014 meeting...

Hydrocarbon Transportation & Ancillary Processing

(click on each link below to view the documents)

- Alta Mesa CUP application for a refinery and rail spur

- Alta Mesa rail spur graphics and picture

- Holladay Engineering notes on Alta Mesa applications

- Miscellaneous maps and drawings submitted
with Alta Mesa applications

- Alta Mesa oil spill prevention & emergency response plan
section 1-4

- M. Christian August 4th letter regarding applications

- Alta Mesa rezone application for refinery and rail spur